the wedding

Mr. Sigit Haryanto
Mrs. Tjiam Siok Hwa

Together with

Mr. Tonny Kurniawan (yap i liang)
Mrs. Ernie Kusuma (Kwan Yenny)

Invite you to share in the joy of the marriage uniting their children

Alki Haryanto (alki)

yohana kurniawan febe (hanna)

Save The Date

Saturday, 07 March 2015

Holy Matrimony:
at 12.00 PM (Noon)
GBI Basilea Christ Cathedral
Gading Serpong
Jl. Telaga Gading Serpong 888
Gading Serpong - Banten

Wedding Reception:
at 7.00 PM
Atria Hotel & Conference
Paramount Ballroom, M Floor
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong


What are you waiting for?

We would greatly appreciate it if you could response before March 3rd

Your presence at this celebration of love
is truly a great honor for all of us.

Cordially Yours,